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About Us

International experience in diving medical consultancy in both the professional diving industry as recreational diving. Over the past twenty years, we focused on hyperbaric (medical) activities, initially focusing on the recreational diving industry, but since 2012 primarily on the professional diving industry with reputable companies as regular customers.
We have experienced consultants ([professional] divers and senior diving medical consultants) at various locations in the Port of Europe (Europort, Botlek) and The Hague.

Because of our experience, we are capable to give you a good advice on the full scope of diving medical consultancy.
We are able to advise you on all your pressure activities such as;

  • Offshore
  • Inshore
  • Hyperbaric work
  • All other work under pressure
  • Paramedical training, where the latest developments are incorporated in diving medical field

Why choose AQUAMED BV;

  • Quality and safety are the two cornerstones
  • Direct advice and clear response
  • Every day a fast lane spot for a professional diving medical examination in various locations in the Port of Europe and The Hague
  • Very competitive rates, and an option for long term rates
  • Cooperation with highly respected diving physicians and regional hospitals for possible further research or second opinion

This website contains photo’s of satisfied companies.

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